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the messenger


Poster Design


Visual Communication 2




To create a poster that represents the theme ‘Langues autochtones: Facteur de développement’ (Aboriginal Languages: Development Factor) for the 2019 Marc Choko poster competition

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It was imperative to dedicate a substantial amount of time to researching and truly understanding the history of Aboriginal communities in Canada, whose culture has been oppressed and misunderstood by Canadians since the early days of colonisation. The ideation portion of the project was dedicated to straying from stereotypical imagery and instead creating empowering visuals that honour and respect Aboriginal culture and language. Experimentation with different mediums and typographic treatment led to a variety of possible outcomes.


The concept of bird as messenger, which was created using a scanned linocut, was inspired by a quote from aboriginal author Leanne Howe (Choctaw Nations):"[…] our stories are unending connections to past, present, and future. And, even if worse comes to worst and people forget where we left out stories, the birds will remember and bring them back to us." The colour yellow in the background was chosen for its positivity and optimism, while the colour red for the typography was selected to represent vibrance, strength and determination.

poster design
The Messenger poster by Giulia Caruana (2018)
poster outdoors
A yellow poster with a black crow and red typography seen somewhere outdoors
infogiulia caruanawork
here lies damien hirst

editorial & application

Damien Hirst's face with mouth open
A silver can with no label suspended at an angle
A linocut illustration of a black crow
Galerie NuEdge logomark , a symbol representing a doorway that can be interpreted as an N or a U
the great debate

advertising campaign



"2X" stacked in a bold black typeface