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To design a poster promoting the 2020 Graphic Design vernissage at Dawson College

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While the previous years were tasked with choosing a specific word that would become the poster’s guiding theme, the distinct repetitive qualities of the year 2020 were begging to be interpreted graphically. Most of the explorations therefore involved different ways of typographically representing the year.


The final concept resulted from the realization that 2020 is unique due to its repetitive nature, and the most effective and universal way of representing “double” is 2X.

2X as a concept signifies the work ethic of the graduating class, and the magnitude of what’s been accomplished over the past three years. The Graphic Design program challenged students to go the extra mile, put in double the amount of hours expected, and to surpass expectations in order to stand out. The monstrous heavyweight sans-serif typeface, in contrast with the lightweight supporting text, was selected to enhance that theme, to express a momentous occasion.

The information is presented with a clear typographic hierarchy, and the bilingual text was separated to strengthen the idea of dualism. Since the theme of the poster is effectively conveyed in the typographic treatment, a conscious decision was made to not incorporate colour, as it would detract from the main idea.

poster design
Poster Design for 2020 Vernissage
poster outdoors
Two posters that have a large 2X in an outdoor setting
infogiulia caruanawork
here lies damien hirst

editorial & application

Damien Hirst's face with mouth open
A silver can with no label suspended at an angle
A linocut illustration of a black crow
Galerie NuEdge logomark , a symbol representing a doorway that can be interpreted as an N or a U
the great debate

advertising campaign



"2X" stacked in a bold black typeface