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nu edge




Branding Design




To create a more modern and unified brand image for NuEdge, an eclectic and dynamic contemporary art gallery

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There were several different steps involved in the process, including research into the company’s profile, location, and images, as well as their current branding (i.e. logos and colours), competition, and moodboards for possible visual directions. From there, a logo and graphic devices which represented the gallery were designed and applied to stationery and other applications.


Galerie NuEdge’s rebranding is a visual celebration of contemporary art. With monstrous doorways, bold headlines, and explosions of colour, NuEdge’s new identity is far from ordinary. The gallery’s visual language embraces the eccentric, breaks boundaries, and exhibits how exciting it is to witness contemporary art.

The logomark, which emulates the shape of a doorway and forms a lowercase “n” when placed upright, and “u” when upside-down, is a versatile supporting element which was designed to stand alone or beside the logotype.

The stationery was designed using the brand identity’s base colours (i.e. black and white) and the logomark as the main graphic elements. The design was kept simple and professional. The paper bags and duct tape borrow some of the same black-and-white elements to create applications that can be used by the gallery regardless of the artist on exhibit.

A series of 4 posters has been designed for each headlining artist at the gallery, which would be placed together in urban areas to draw awareness to the brand and the gallery’s different exhibitions. The visuals designed for the posters are graphic devices that are repeated throughout the brand’s new identity, for instance, in the tote bags and stickers.

Black and white stationery set for Galerie NuEdge rebranding
paper bags
Paper bags for Galerie Nu Edge branding
duct tape
Black and white duct to be used by the gallery with new branding system
poster series 1
Wall outdoors showcasing first series of posters (red) for Galerie NuEdge rebranding
poster series 2
Third set of posters for Galerie NuEdge rebranding (fuchsia)
poster series 3
Second series of posters for Galerie NuEdge rebranding, as seen outdoors
Colourful stickers showcasing different artists for Galerie NuEdge rebranding
more stickers
More stickers that read "NuEdge" the gallery would sell at  events
Animation showing different tote bags available at Galerie NuEdge with new branding
infogiulia caruanawork
here lies damien hirst

editorial & application

Damien Hirst's face with mouth open
A silver can with no label suspended at an angle
A linocut illustration of a black crow
Galerie NuEdge logomark , a symbol representing a doorway that can be interpreted as an N or a U
the great debate

advertising campaign



"2X" stacked in a bold black typeface