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rule of thirds


Packaging Design


Packaging Design




To produce visually appealing, design-related packaging for McAuslan’s new Rule of Thirds beer cans, the target audience being young creatives with an eye for simple, clean design and flavour

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A focus on the word “Thirds” led to a variety of possible visual directions for the labels, some based primarily on numbers and typography, others on forms and geometric shapes. As for the containers, several different prototypes were designed and tested for each of the concepts.


The final concept was inspired by the rule of thirds in photography and design, a basic principle which involves horizontally and vertically dividing an image in thirds to create a well-balanced composition that young designers would appreciate. A simple colour palette was selected to represent a refined taste.

box design
Box for Rule of Thirds beer packaging
label design
A gif animation showing a can spinning around to showcase the black and purple design on the label
rule of thirds
A hand holding a beer can that reads "Rule of Thirds" on a light purple background
infogiulia caruanawork
here lies damien hirst

editorial & application

Damien Hirst's face with mouth open
A silver can with no label suspended at an angle
A linocut illustration of a black crow
Galerie NuEdge logomark , a symbol representing a doorway that can be interpreted as an N or a U
the great debate

advertising campaign



"2X" stacked in a bold black typeface